The Firebean Way

We do things the old way because we value the slow way

Slow means rediscovery

we've rediscovered the rich traditions of woodfiring coffee.

Slow means savouring the process

For us, slow isn't just a pace—it's our philosophy. We craft in small, hand-tended batches, roasting each order fresh for your cup. It's slow, it's deliberate, it's our way.

Slow means living in the moment

We come alive by tuning into our senses—the crisp Yukon air, the rhythmic crackle of roasting beans, and the vibrant flavours of coffee awakening our taste buds.

Slow means sustainable production

Our small-scale operation and low-wattage motors conserve energy. With firewood as our renewable heat source and a commitment to solar by 2030, we're leading the way to a greener future.

Slow means a commitment to purpose

Our artisanal coffee goes beyond flavour—it's an invitation to savour life more deeply.

Wood-fire roasted coffee:

Rich in taste and tradition.