Interested in selling wood-fire roasted coffee?

Our Partnership Promise 

In Store Support 

Sustainable, eye-catching packaging with merchandising and advertising support.

Low Risk, High Profit

We offer low minimum order qualities, fast sell-through, and 9 month shelf life. 

Sell Our Best-Selling Roasts

Four unique roasts available in 12oz and 5lb packaging, available as full bean or ground coffee.

Customize Your Order

Mix and match your pallet without increasing the price. All of our prices are free on board.

Become a Trailblazer

We work with grocers, retailers, hospitality, events, and enterprises. Let’s fire up some taste buds, together.

Why Coffee-Lovers Choose Us

Proudly Canadian

Ethically sourced beans, roasted in Yukon, Canada by hand in the forest.

Traditional Roasting Method

Bringing back the lost art of roasting coffee beans over a wood fire.

Full-Body Flavour

Our roasting method caramelizes the beans, releasing decadent flavours.

Bold Brand Identity

We target proud coffee drinkers who are adventurous and willing to try something new.

Our Retailers