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Discover the ultimate coffee adventure with our Adventure Pack, featuring all seven of our signature roasts, each wood-fire roasted in the heart of Yukon, Canada. This collection includes:

Bushfire: A balanced medium roast with a smooth, rich flavor, perfect for kickstarting your morning.
Ember: A light roast that captivates with sweet, fruity notes from Colombian beans, offering an energizing start to your day.
Fireweed: Mellow and sweet with distinct cocoa notes, this medium roast promises a soothing, flavorful cup.
Inferno: Our deepest, darkest roast, bold and robust, crafted for those who love their coffee rich and intense.
Kindling: A smooth, mellow decaf option from Peruvian beans, perfect for enjoying a rich cup at any time, without the caffeine.
Starfire: A medium-dark roast from Sumatra, known for its rich, complex flavors, ideal for those who appreciate depth in their coffee.
The Stoke: Creamy and mellow, this medium-dark roast from Guatemala is low in acid but rich in flavor, embodying the essence of wood-fired roasting.
Each roast in the Adventure Pack is designed to offer a unique taste experience, making it the perfect choice for exploring the diverse world of premium, wood-fire roasted coffee. Whether you're a seasoned coffee aficionado or new to the nuances of high-quality brews, this pack will take you on a memorable tasting journey.


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Best coffee I’ve ever had. Love the product and love the people behind it. You guys are awesome!

Why Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee? 

We’re bringing back the old way we used to roast coffee. Discover flavours only achievable from wood-fired flames.