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Indulge into our Dark Roast Bundle, featuring The Stoke, Starfire, and Inferno—three robust wood-fire roasted coffees from Yukon, Canada.

🔥 Dark Roast Bundle 🔥

The Stoke: Creamy and mellow with low acidity, this medium-dark roast from Guatemala offers a smooth, satisfying sip.
Starfire: A medium-dark Sumatra roast, renowned for its rich, complex flavors and full-bodied profile.
Inferno: Our boldest, darkest roast yet—crafted from Central American beans for a robust, intense coffee experience.

Experience the depth and richness of our Dark Roast Bundle, curated for those who enjoy full-body coffee with rich, intense flavors.


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I'm hooked! Great tasting coffee. I'm a medium/dark fan but will try the others.

Why Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee? 

We’re bringing back the old way we used to roast coffee. Discover flavours only achievable from wood-fired flames.