Bushfire | Medium

ColombiaMedium RoastBalanced & SmoothSweet Caramel and Hazelnut

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Bushfire is a smooth, balanced medium roast, great for a morning cup of coffee. Beans are sourced from Colombia and then roasted by hand over a wood-fired flame to give you a rich, memorable cup to start your day.


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Grind Styles

Whole Bean Coffee

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Coarse Grind Coffee

Best for french press and cold brew

Medium Coarse Grind

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Medium Grind

Best for Drip Machines and Aeropress

Fine Grind

Best for Espresso, V60 and Moka Pot

Beans are beautiful and the resulting brew is awesome!

Why Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee? 

We’re bringing back the old way we used to roast coffee. Discover flavours only achievable from wood-fired flames.